We are a movement,
an infinite concept,
not defined through individuals
however by the unrestricted potential
that we as humans possess..

The Limitless Ones

In June we set off on an indefinite journey across the world, with no extraordinary resources other than a backpack, our two feet, a little courage and the determination of spreading the concept of being limitless.

Throughout our travels we endeavour to pursue practices of which coincide with our strongest beliefs; positivity, environmentalism and education. For without these core stabilities, being limitless, travelling, and seeing everything this beautiful world has to offer, can not be sustained.
This website showcases interesting individuals, chronologically follows boundless adventures,  provides advise and tips that have been learnt along the way, and use social media content to inspire others to let go!

This is not a story about epicness, but rather of human potential.
It does not involve large sums of money or contacts in high places.
It encompasses the unhindered possibilities that every human born into a first world possesses.
The people, all of us, have the unlimited, unrestricted power to perform anything;
we only have to choose to.

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