Our Canadian Snow Season

We admit, it was an enormous comfort shock to suddenly be back with a stable roof over our heads (not a tent) and back into normal society. Our Canadian snow season was extremely different to Our Europe hitchhiking adventure which showed us what extreme levels we were capable of; mentally and physically. We also admit we became a little complacent and consumed by the new life we had chosen for ourselves. After such a level of extreme, we had gone back to normal and our habitual instincts kicked in. Being comfortable again took control. In saying this, we also adventured where ever possible in a negative snowbound country and we would like to explain where we are and what we have been doing!

Current Location: Living on a snow mountain resort in British Columbia, Canada. We had pre-organised work visas before we had left for Europe and also a job and accomodation. These things were crucial as you may have guessed if you followed our Europe adventure, we do not have a lot of money, and thrive to demonstrate you don’t need great sums to experience the world.

(ever considered a snow season in Canada? Check out our helpful pages in travel saving advice)

What the season meant and was for us..

A snow season had been on both of our buckets lists since before we met. The past 4 months we have been lapping up the experience. Living, working, exploring and playing in an extremely cold environment (sometimes -20s) has been an entirely new and amazing experience.  Woking as hard as possible has also been part of the mission whilst here. We can not travel forever off 10€ a day, mostly because we don’t have the funds! So in order to continue our dream, we have been slugging it out. But hey, it has never really felt like working since we live in a snow resort in Canada!

As best as we could, we tried to never stop the exploring. British Columbia is an insanely beautiful place and whilst living somewhat secluded on a snow mountain as well as saving, it has stopped us being as mobile. We tried to explore in our spare time! We also bought a car in quarters with two others we are living with. This was the only way we could afford a car. His name is Astro! This definitely made seeing places a lot easier and has opened big plans in the future.. but they are to come! 😉

Our future adventures are just beginning to unravel and we can assure you (to keep us sane) we are going to be on the move again soon! With loads of new content and ideas to come! Our ultimate goal is, and has always been to inspire what is possible. Everything we do and have done is everything ordinary; anybody can do it. We are normal people who lived normal lives just trying to inspire others to step outside their comfort zones and live life to the fullest!

We are all Limitless
We are all the Limitless Ones

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