Limitless People: Ryan Marc Linton

Stand tall; taller than Big Ben


Ryan Marc Linton.


Twenty Four.

Where do you live:

London, United Kingdom.

Where do you come from:

I grew up in Perth, Western Australia. But i was originally born in Qatar, Doha.

What do you do:

What do i do…. Hmmm, okay. Well for money, I work for a street food company that does 100% vegan Mexican food (best vegan burrito you’ve ever had). And then i also do Film & TV extra work, kinda like background characters etc.
But id say what I’m really doing right now is working towards my dreams and goals, while on this massive path of self discovery and waking up to whats really going on around me ! Im at the gym always, about 6 days a week. Ive found this massive love for health, fitness and nutrition. I’m about to start a youtube channel, i do loads of things vegan, massive foodie, i love cooking and then eating…. which i also love to share on my instagram..  And then its back to the goals, i have loads of exciting plans and i want to make sure they happen. Plans to travel, learn new languages (which I’ve just started doing), meet more like minded, create amazing things with them and much more ! And then of course theres also a bunch of other ‘normal’ little boring and exciting things i love to do, but i won’t bother you with that !

Who inspires/motivates you:

Loads of people do. I regularly watch or listen to a mash up of motivational speeches people have made on youtube. I love them, there great. I used to think they were cheesy. There not. There great. Watch them. There’s then loads of other people on youtube that are doing really great things. Some big ones for me are ‘Brian Turner’ and ‘Jon Venus’. I also recently heard Matthew McConaughey talking about how his hero is himself in ten years time. Which i really liked. I also love Arnold Schwarzenegger, few good mash ups of him on youtube. And then id just have to say people like me and you chasing there dreams and making them tangible goals, thats so fucking cool. It gets me pumped.

What wakes you up in the morning:

My goals and the gym. For sure. The drive and want for more. When I’m positive i like to think its just life, the day ahead or some Motown music haha. When I’m not so positive, it really is my goals and the strive for more that pulls me along.

If you could be anywhere in the world, where would it be:

I really want to go to Barcelona and California. I have a good feeling about both and think theres a lot out there for me. I also need the sun again haha. But not just yet, I’ve still got about 8 months living in London i think. And then ill be ready. London has been really good to me.

What did you want to be when you finished high school:

I don’t think i had any idea. Ive always wanted to travel. But when i think back to it, i feel like i was pretty lost. I left at the end of year 10 to start an apprenticeship and ended up going back to finish my schooling and then studied engineering but six months in i wasn’t enjoying it at all and so i left. I think i was just doing things for money or what society had made me believe i had to do.

I wish i could go back and ask my 5 or 8 year old self what i wanted to be or do.

Where can you see yourself in ten years time:

With ten years of knowledge, learning, life, love, happiness and accomplishment etc under my belt. And the strive for so much more. My current goals and more completed with new ones on my board. And loving and like minded people surrounding me.

What are your beliefs/values:

Hmmm. I believe everything is connected and I feel like theres a higher power but i don’t know what it is. You have to give love and share things, thats how you create. Treat people, the earth and everything around you how you want to be treated and you must work hard for anything you want.

Name two books which changed you:

I can only really think of one book. And thats Arnold Schwarzennegers biography, the man has accomplished so much, his work ethic is incredible and he has some really motivating things to say. Im definitely still yet to read so many amazing, life changing books. So i’ll list a few documentaries that have changed me.

– Cowspiracy and Forks over Knives, which actually lead me to start reading The China Study, which is fucking mind blowing with its facts but I’ve not finished it yet, so i don’t feel like i can list it. And i also just started reading ‘How not to Die – by ‘Dr Michael Greger’. Again mind blowing.
Haha, sorry. That ended up being 3 books and 2 documentaries.

If you could change something for the better in this world, what would it be:

I think it would be to open peoples eyes to whats really going on around them and then show them how to reconnect with themselves and the world. And then just loads of vegan things haha.

Finishing note?

Travel. Go and spend time with yourself, go find out who you really are and what you really want. Keep an open mind and question everything, fuck the status quo. Read, find inspiring people and listen to them, surround yourself with them. Take risks, don’t be afraid to fail, work hard, share and give back to the world and the people around you. Be happy and enjoy the journey.

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