The Limitless Ones is and will never be purely about us…
It was created to inspire others, based on the solid principles of which we are all:
Every person in this world, regardless of their background, race, gender, upbringing  or any other (non)limiting factor, was born with the same thing, and that is their conscious mind and ability to use it for positivity; to be limitless in what we pursue.
So in order to spread, connect and acknowledge this belief, we have conducted interviews with people who we have met throughout our journey. There are an indistinguishable amount of these people out there, that live these strong beliefs every day, and we hope to find as many as we can.
Coming from all walks of life, running their own inspiring life, these are people who deserve to be recognised for their positivity, courage and free spirit..
Stand tall; taller than Big Ben

Limitless People: Ryan Marc Linton

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Name: Ryan Marc Linton. Age: Twenty Four. Where do you live: London, United Kingdom. Where do you come from: I grew up in Perth, Western Australia. But i was originally…